RI ASL Club Events and announcements

The RI ASL Club is part of ASLA and affords students the opportunity to experience a voice-off environment with classmates, students from other levels and members of the Deaf community.

1)  Each year, RI ASL Club organizes events to allow students from different levels to be together, to meet members of the Deaf community, and practice signing in a relaxed environment.  There is no “membership” in the Club and the events are free, except for any expense involved in the activity itself. Students do have to register for each event so we can plan the numbers.Here are our free club events for the next semester:

2)  This year, the Club has an expanded role in our program. About once a month, The Club will offer workshops that are for our students of any level. It is a conversational class where we will talk about any topics of interest. Students will develop and improve their conversational skills. Each workshop is 1 1/2 hours and the cost is $10.00. Students need to register ahead of time so we can plan for adequate space.

3) Announcements:

Starting in the fall semester 2014, for level 10 and up, students will develop a video portfolio of their work.

After completing level 18, students have the option of continuing their work in our certificate program. A new page, titled “Certificate Program” will be listed soon with the details.

Our level 1 CD is now ready.  Students who have completed level 1 can come in a view all the vocabulary, or can be sent links and watch the vocabulary on their own.