Classes update: EXCITING NEWS!


Sept 18, 2020

Our first Saturday class in years is starting tomorrow. It’s great to see this start again! We continue to add more courses as our enrollment grows. We are in the process of hiring two more teachers.
Yesterday, we made history as we started a class at a high school that will be used for language credit for entry into college. It is the only one in R.I. that we know of.

Sept 12, 2020
We are setting up our winter schedule and are excited to be offering Winter Institutes, Levels one and two, in January. We will be posting these soon.

Sept 1, 2020
19 states represented among our students now!
The ASL club will be offering video presentations on Friday nights soon, through Zoom. We have a great video library that we will want to share.
Announcement soon.

August 24, 2020
We will be reviving the RI ASL Club. The first function
of the club will be to offer tutoring. We will send out an
announcement when we are ready.
We now offer Saturday classes again. Check the website.

August 9, 2020
Make that 18 states!

August 3, 2020
16 states are now represented in our student body. We have a new website in addition to this one – This will be the part of our school that is exclusively video – asynchronous (pre-recorded video) or synchronous (interactive live video with a teacher). This is for our local and national audience. We are offering sychronous classes at many different times and days to make it as accessible to as many as possible. The asynchronous classes can be taken anytime.
Our live classes, taught locally, are ASL Academy – this website. With our expanded equipment and schedule, we have gone from a capacity of 10 classes a week to 36.
We will have an announcement soon about our movie nights. We have an extensive video library and will be sharing it on the weekends by Zoom.
Please check out our new website.
More news soon!

July 8
We have students from 14 states and growing. Tonight, we had four classes running. Things are moving in the right direction.

June 28
* Our expanded Warwick classroom is being used for classes now.
* We are offering free classes to prospective students who want to see
how well Zoom works for them.
* Our new ASLI – ASL Institute website is nearly ready to be launched.
* We will have our first YouTube video ready soon. We will announce
here and by email to our students when the site and the YouTube channel
are ready.
* At this time, we have students from 13 different states attending our
* For the fall, we will be adding Level 1 Saturday classes.

June 18
Our YouTube channel will be up and running soon. We will be offering more Level 1 classes, for a total of 11, in addition to all the other levels running. Our new website is being worked on and will be public soon.
The new website will be American Sign Language Institute. This will feature our online classes, both video and live and will be linked to our American Sign Language Academy site that will be focused on live, in-person classes. We are pleased at this time to have students from 11 different states.

May 22
* Our Warwick location will be equipped with internet as we expand our operations and offer classes nationally via Zoom. We are developing our new website which will be exclusively for our online and online live courses. We are excited about the pricing system that makes it affordable for individuals or small groups. That will allow us to reach potential students in rural areas and remote areas.
We are scheduling 9 level one courses including those that will meet twice a week on Mon/Wed and Tue/Th. This summer, however, one class will be 6 – 7:30 pm and another 9 – 10:30 pm, Eastern Time (ET). This will allow those from other parts of the country in different time zones to participate in our courses more conveniently.
Our ASL Scholars Institute will be offered similarly, with a late night option that will make it more accessible to the west coast.

May 14
* We have expanded our Warwick location. We moved to a larger space.
* We are excited to have started our first beginner, Level 1 classes on Zoom. We have students from Martha’s Vineyard, Ohio and Michigan.

* We are establishing a separate website just for our online and online live classes. It will be linked to this one, but will be focused only on our video classes and workshops/webinars. We are opening up to a national audience. We have started the advertising campaign.

* Our proposal for a for-credit, graded high school class has been accepted. We are making plans to start in the fall, whatever form it takes. This will be for language credit to be used for college entrance requirements.

We have developed a pricing system that allows for a single student to learn ASL very affordably. Two or three can do it for even less per person. Four or five…and so on. Students can build their own class. Families that are in different states can take a class together. So many possibilities…

May 3
Our Level 1 courses will start the second week of May and continue through July. All other levels are resuming in May and will be conducted from start to finish on Zoom.

April 25

If things go as planned, RI will have its first ASL high school class that is graded and fulfills language credits for college, taught by ASL Academy. We are excited at the prospect!
…and now…we will be offering courses and workshops nationwide!
There will be more information about that soon.

Courses can now be taken by one person, or two, three or ten, at affordable, reasonable rates. We are updating the pricing system and will be making the adjustments on our website to reflect these new opportunities. The Accelerated Learning Program – ALP, and family classes will use this pricing structure.

April 20

We now have 3 studio/classrooms in Cranston.
Level 7 has resumed and will finish next week.
Level 4 will resume this Thur and finish in May.
Level 5 will resume next Tues, April 28 and finish in May.
Level 12 will have class this Wed to finish the semester.
Levels 2, 3, 6, 8 and 13 will start in May.
Our four level 1 classes are scheduled to start in May. We are inviting students from a wide area to join us.
Family classes via Zoom are now being scheduled.

April 10.

We have been working diligently to transform our classrooms into studios. We have ordered new computers and reconfigured our space. We have conducted classes for Level 1, for Level 2 on Block Island, and a number of college classes.
Next week, we will be finishing up our winter semester for our Level 1 classes and will be contacting all our other classes – Level 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 13 classes.
We are offering Level 1 classes to anyone who can do them online, so we are advertising far and wide. This is a new opportunity to reach students we never could have before.
I will also be doing workshops for students of all levels that will be beneficial in enhancing your learning. These are conducted with voice so you can get explanations and ask more detailed questions to deepen your understanding.
As I reconfigure our class schedule for this spring and summer, I will be emailing our present students, class by class in the next week. We can then process registrations and resume full operations.

Hello everyone!

April 6

Stay tuned for some exciting news! Our winter Level 1 classes will be finishing next week and our spring Level 1 classes will be starting soon. Levels 2, 3, 4, and 8 will start in May. Level 12 will be finishing in April and Level 13 starts in May. There will be details posted tomorrow (Tues, April 7)

March 31,
I hope this finds you all well and that you can use some down time for some positive and constructive things that will benefit you in the end.

I’m feeling fine and have been working like crazy on email correspondence, teaching college classes, and keeping our Block Island program going. I have just heard from the St Regis Mohawk Tribe and we are continuing our relationship with them and I also just heard from our CT connections as we make plans for the June Summer Institute.
We will start offering some remote classes here starting next week. We will also offer some workshops and some special topic presentations. There will be more information soon. Look for an update in a few days.

March 23 – we ran our first college classes today. They were relatively smooth. We will complete some classes through our remote classroom here in Cranston soon. We will be in touch with each class individually.

March 17 – Our live classes have been suspended until such time as we are advised that it is reasonably safe to convene again. I will update this page at least weekly with current information.

I have revised our spring schedule dates to late April. We have some weeks before the start so let’s hope things get under control soon and we can go ahead on those dates.

We are turning one of our classrooms into a remote classroom, broadcasting from there. We are conducting college classes from there also.

So, I will be doing some workshops from here. I will have more information soon, but basically, for those who can access it with their phones, tablets or computers, we will be able to continue and enhance your education through out broadcasts.