Phase Five – ASL Institute LLC

Phase One, 2008 – Established the American Sign Language Academy. We used the curriculum that we created. We had no location yet and did classes in various places. We were offered space in Gibbs College temporarily and happily accepted. In the summer of 2009, we rented an office and small classroom in Pawtucket. In the fall, we rented a large classroom. Jan 2010, we rented two additional classrooms in an adjacent building. Our first graduation with 10 students who, completed all 18 levels was held in 2011.

Phase Two, 2013 – moved to a large suite in a building in Pawtucket. 3 classrooms, library and two offices/workrooms. We rented an additional classroom in Warwick. Our second graduation with 20 students who completed all 18 levels of our program was held in 2016.

Phase three, 2018 – moved to a suite in Cranston. It was completely empty and we were able to design the interior to fill our needs. Two classrooms, office, workroom, library, entrance area for our ASL Cafe – free refreshments for students. We also kept our Warwick classroom. Our enrollments soared and then, in 2020, the pandemic.

Phase four, 2020 – we spent weeks training, ordered computers and supplies and transformed our classrooms into studios. We realized that we had no borders now. We went on a national advertising campaign and in that first year of ZOOM only classes, we had students from 22 states attending our classes.

Phase five, 2022 – we moved again to a slightly larger space that we also designed. Two studios, two classrooms, library, workroom, office, ASL Cafe. In the fall of 2022, we started to transition back to in person classes while also continuing our ZOOM classes.
In the fall of 2023, there is a change to our curriculum. Before students can register for a Level 1 course, whether on ZOOM or in person, there is a two hour Introduction to ASL that is required.

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