Deaf Studies becomes Level 20 of our program. The Language Lab will become Level 19.

The DEAF STUDIES PROGRAM has been very enriching for students and it is now a permanent part of our program and will become Level 20.  Here is an overview of what is covered:

What is culture?  What is a society?  What is a community?

The age of philosophers – what did they think about deaf people and their language?

Clerics of the middle ages – their ideas about deaf people.

The 1700s – the “French Method” and the “German Method” for teaching the deaf compete in Europe.

The 1800s – “The Golden Age of Deaf Education” in America, culminating in the opening of a college for the Deaf.

The late 1800s and the first half of the 1900s – The Age of Oralism:  Nationalism; ethnocentrism; evolution; Social Darwinism/Social Engineering; eugenics, and the Milan Congress.  The suppression of American Sign Language.

What happened to the Deaf community during the Age of Oralism?

The Little Papers.  Deaf clubs.

The comeback – William Stokoe – “The father of modern ASL.”  Department of Education report.

DPN – Deaf President Now – the reply to Milan.
I.C.E.D. apologizes – 130 years later

Deaf culture and ASL today.


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