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Welcome to the American Sign Language Institute

American Sign Language is the fourth most used language in the United States. It is an AMERICAN language, not a foreign one. It was developed by Deaf Americans.

There are many signed languages in the world, organized into language groups, as spoken languages are. ASL is in the language family with French and Vietnamese sign languages. It has little connection to British Sign Language.

ASL Institute is a language school whose programs are designed to bring students all the way to fluency.  Our teaching approach builds progressive skills to allow you to reach that goal.  We take the shortest route to putting information into your long-term memory.

The development of this approach is from the study of brain physiology, first and second language acquisition, long and short-term memory function, and many years of experience teaching students of all ages and abilities.

Our program is thorough and complete.  It is affordable.  It is flexible, allowing students to progress at their own rate. The course descriptions page provides details.

If you want more information, please contact us.  We are committed to your success!

ASL Institute
400 Reservoir Ave, suite 2J
Providence, RI 02907

Office                   Language Lab                   lending library
Evening, Day and weekend classes, Accelerated Learning Programs, Immersions, Field Trips and workshops.

For information on specific courses
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The American Sign Language Academy was established in 2008.  Our purpose is to educate hearing people in ASL and in understanding and respecting Deaf culture, community and history.  Our first classroom was in borrowed space in the former Gibbs College in Cranston, RI.  We opened our own office and a classroom in 2009 and have expanded to our present office and classroom space in Providence.  We became the American Sign Language Institute LLC in 2020.
When the CoVid pandemic hit in 2020, we were briefly closed.  We bought equipment and did training and quickly opened with all of our classes on ZOOM.  The result from that is we became a national company, reaching students all over the country.  This gave many individuals an opportunity to take ASL classes that they would not have been able to previously.  Some live in very rural areas or on islands.  Over time, we had students from 22 states attending our classes
Today, we have classes on ZOOM and in person and a class that is hybrid with students in the classroom and other students on line. We have conducted classes in many locations to accommodate companies, agencies, schools and libraries.  Classes have been held in CT, MA, RI, and N.Y.  


Contact Us

ASL Institute
400 Reservoir Ave, suite 2J
Providence, RI 02907

Office hours through June 30, 2024:


Tuesdays – 11:00 am to 4:00 pm ET
Thursdays – 3:00 to 5:30 pm ET
Fridays – 12:00 to 6:00 pm ET

Call 401 722-1022
or email mannyteach2011@yahoo.com


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